About the Yard on Santa Fe

As developers all over work to transform old real estate into something with a fresh new look and appeal, The Sherman Agency, Inc. desired to do the same. The rich history of the Stark Lumber Yard though speaks to all those who envision something different and in true form to keeping the spirit of the old property alive it was decided repurposing much of the old lumber yard equipment would enhance the look and feel of the property while allowing the original roots to remain firmly anchored in history. With precision placement of items such as silo’s, piping, old sawdust collectors, and Denver’s famous chrome bumper bronco, crafted by artist Sean Guerro, The Yard on Santa Fe will maintain some of its original character while still feeling revitalized and ready for a taste of something new. This blending of the centuries is calling together industrial, office, retail and restaurants tenants all in the same development in a mixing of genres rarely seen.