Frequently Asked Questions

For nearly a century The Yard on Santa Fe was known to Denver locals as the Stark Lumber Yard.  In 2013 partners, Hal Naiman and Howard Snyder of The Sherman Agency, Inc. envisioned a much different future for the old saw mill and began work to transform the property into a regional gathering place.  Under new ownership, and with high hopes that the redevelopment will help bridge the gap between the south gateway to the Art District on Santa Fe and the heart of the district itself, The Yard has found itself slowly budding into the community everyone was hoping for.  A few more strategically placed tenants and The Yard on Santa Fe is destined to be a local gathering place that celebrates some of Denver’s original character.

900-924 W 1st Avenue, Denver, CO  80223 - As the south gateway to the Art District on Santa Fe, The Yard, located on Santa Fe Drive between W 1st Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue, features an industrial setting reframed for a fresh mix of uses.

As developers all over work to transform old real estate into something with a fresh new look and appeal, The Sherman Agency, Inc. desired to do the same.  The rich history of the Stark Lumber Yard though speaks to all those who envision something different and in true form to keeping the spirit of the old property alive it was decided repurposing much of the  old lumber yard  equipment would enhance the look and feel of the property while allowing the original roots to remain firmly anchored in history.  With precision placement of items such as silo’s, piping, old sawdust collectors, and Denver’s famous chrome bumper bronco, crafted by artist Sean Guerro, The Yard on Santa Fe will maintain some of its original character while still feeling revitalized and ready for a taste of something new.  This  blending of the centuries is calling together industrial, office, retail and restaurants tenants all in the same development in a mixing of genres rarely seen. 

The Yard has become home to an eclectic mix of tenants since it began its redevelopment.  You can find artisans such as Fin Art Co. who design and manufacture some of Denver’s hottest bar and restaurant furniture to Tabor Millwork, Inc. who have created stock and custom mouldings as well as interior and exterior doors at The Yard since 1979.  Joining them is Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness, focused on helping Denver step up their game with high intensity cardio classes and personal trainers and the Inspired Training Center a cycling and functional training center for people of all levels and abilities.  Rounding out the mix is the Renegade Brewing Company’s production facilities and the Deviation Distilling production facilities, both of which will have tasting rooms in the future for beer and whiskey & gin respectively as well as the Board Game Republic which will be opening very soon as a trendy new spot to grab nourishment for the body and soul by serving up food, beverages and an array of board games to entice the minds of every man, woman and child.

But don’t be fooled, THE YARD’S NOT AT CAPACITY YET!!!!!