900-924 W. 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80223


What is the Yard?

For nearly a century The Yard on Santa Fe was known to Denver locals as the Stark Lumber Yard.  In 2013 partners, Hal Naiman and Howard Snyder of The Sherman Agency, Inc. envisioned a much different future for the old saw mill and began work to transform the property into a regional gathering place.  Under new ownership, and with high hopes that the redevelopment will help bridge the gap between the south gateway to the Art District on Santa Fe and the heart of the district itself, The Yard has found itself slowly budding into the community everyone was hoping for.  A few more strategically placed tenants and The Yard on Santa Fe is destined to be a local gathering place that celebrates some of Denver’s original character.

Where It's Located

900-924 W 1st Avenue, Denver, CO  80223 - As the south gateway to the Art District on Santa Fe, The Yard, located on Santa Fe Drive between W 1st Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue, features an industrial setting reframed for a fresh mix of uses.